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Based on your use we recommend a Diesel JAC Truck as the most cost-effective option.

Based on your use we recommend an EV JAC Truck as the most cost-effective option.

*The JAC Savings calculator is designed to give you an indication of what savings you might achieve by running a JAC EV Truck, instead of a standard Diesel Truck. This calculator works on assumptions made around your general usage of the vehicle and actual results may vary. Any figures given by this calculator should be used as a guide only, our JAC team are available to discuss your usage and needs in more detail.

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We’re here to get to know your business and see how EVs could benefit you… or more importantly, if EVs are even right for you.

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Sometimes an EV might not be the right answer, we’re also able to assist with Diesel solutions with our decades of NZ truck experience.

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